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Foreclosures in Franklin County

Attention Franklin County home buyers and investors!

While houses can be listed for sale by owner or listed through real estate agents, there is a third way to purchase a house in Franklin County, Idaho at a foreclosure sale. Our free website,, currently lists 0 upcoming foreclosure sales scheduled in Franklin County, Idaho. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an investor who wants to purchase investment properties in Franklin County, please see our current listings for a selection of properties listed for foreclosure sale. Our Franklin County listings could help you locate your new family home or investment property. Through you have 24-hour access to upcoming Idaho foreclosure sales of selected properties.

If a property is sold at a foreclosure sale, also called a foreclosure auction, the public has the opportunity to bid on the property. If the house is not sold at the auction, the lender will ordinarily purchase the house and ultimately list it with an agent. The house will then be known as an REO (meaning Real Estate Owned property), or as a "bank owned" property. REO’s are often listed through MLS for fair market value. By attending a foreclosure sale, a buyer can bypass the REO process.

Most people looking for a property in Franklin County, Idaho know about homes that are for sale by owner or listed on the MLS by an agent. Few know about foreclosures. is a valuable online resource that provides information about certain homes that are scheduled for foreclosure sale in Franklin County as well as throughout Idaho and nationwide. This website provides a listing of selected properties free of charge and may potentially help you become aware of properties that may not be listed by an agent of for sale by owner. Because our list of upcoming foreclosure sales is updated daily, stale or expired listings are avoided.

If you want to purchase a property in Franklin County that is scheduled for foreclosure sale soon, can be an excellent resource for locating selected homes. The properties listed have not yet become REO properties and, therefore, may not currently be listed through MLS or for sale by owner. provides an additional tool to the first-time homebuyer and investors looking for the right property in Franklin County, in Idaho and elsewhere.

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We currently do not have any active listings available in Franklin County, Idaho.

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